Video Door Phone (MAVDP) provides communication with integrated security. It helps multi-apartment owners to identify a visitor before entering the society. It can be integrated with a smartphone and 3-rd party CCTV camera integration also possible. The security guard’s call will come on your indoor monitor or on a smartphone for visitor’s verification. So, you can identify your visitor easily. Onetouch believes in delivering Communication & Security for Building and People at the simplest and most affordable value.


  • 110° Wide-Angle Lens
  • Integrated Motion Sensor
  • Digital Door Lock Integration
  • Night Vision Camera
  • Motion Based Snapshots
  • Remote Monitoring

Stay Connected With Your Family

Onetouch Anywhere Intercom helps you to stay in touch with your family. No worry, how far you are.
Using this mobile application, you will never miss a single moment.


Digital door lock is a way to replace the key or to add automatic features such as locking or unlocking remotely. Although most are seen in cars, many advanced security vendors are now offering electronic door locks to families and businesses. In any type of digital door lock, bolts are made to block the door and door frames, preventing entry. This can be a “spring pin”, which is held in place by spring. It allows the door to close (but not re-open) when locked, or safer with “dead seals”, kept in place until manually unlocked. In both cases, locking and unlocking are done by turning the visible part (a knob or a key) to move the bolt or lock.

The traditional lock type uses a number of “locking and locking” components. Locking cylinders are held in place with a small metal line. Each consists of a top and a bottom half. When the lock is inserted and rotated, the unequal “jagged” edge ensures that each leg is moved a certain distance. The cylinder can be turned on only when each latch is moved just enough to create a split. Split between the upper and lower half of all pegs.